Vintage Vibes on Dapper Day

Dapper Day was created as a way to throwback to when Disneyland first opened in 1955. Visiting Disneyland then was a special occasion and many would wear their Sunday best–men in full suits, and women in fluffy dresses.

Now, Dapper Day is an unofficial Disneyland event (meaning it is not sponsored by Disney, but they welcome the event to take place) where guests dress up in stylish clothing of their choice, usually reflecting a time area.


My two besties and I attended Dapper Day at Disneyland a few days ago… and it was my favorite Dapper Day I’ve been to yet! Main reason being that we had all taken the time to plan our outfits, and we also knew the ropes on how to really conquer the day without being disappointed or in pain (yeah, those heels are cute but not fun to walk around Disney all day in).

If you ever end up planning to attend Dapper Day at Disneyland, I wrote a post with some of my top tips for surviving the day over of Sisters & Disney to save you from pain!


I’ve been to a few Dapper Day events, both at Disney World and Disneyland. But each time I feel slightly unprepared in my outfit choice and wish I had mad more of an effort to really think through my vintage ensemble.

During the day, I also happened to get some cute footage of us frolicking around the parks all dressed up. I put together a little video of all that footage: