Traveling to a Galaxy Far Far Away

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has been officially opened in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World! A few days ago, a few friends and I were able to experience it last week for a preview of Black Spire Outpost on Batuu — the remote outpost planet that makes up the setting of Galaxy’s Edge.

First, let’s talk about our looks. This was something that we all knew we wanted to have planned for this event! Instead of going the typical route of “Disney bounding” as a popular Star Wars characters, we went for more of a “inspired by” route.

For my look, I was inspired by Tatooine, a beige-colored desert planet that is the setting for several Star Wars films.


My friend, Lauren’s look was inspired by the small forested moon called Endor. It is one of the main settings during Return of the Jedi.


And lastly, Jaycee’s look was inspired by the Dark Side.


We all had such an an amazing time, but we were also overwhelmed by all there was to see, the things to eat and drink, things to buy, things to do, etc.

Everything felt authentically as though it could belong in the Star Wars universe, even though nothing in Batuu has ever been in a Star Wars film. This made exploring even more exciting! So many nooks and crannies unexplored, and details that make the scale of this “land” breathtaking.

While adventuring through this remote outpost, you’ll most likely be stopped by storm troopers, as The First Order runs the area. It’s hilarious to have them get after you for one thing or another!


There are so many fun places to shop, many of the items are specific to buying at Galaxy’s Edge. Whether you’re looking for Jedi robes, plush toys, authentic lightsabers, or geek art… you’ll find it while you shop your way through Black Spire Outpost.

Even shopping is immersive! You can actually see and meet R2-D2 most of the time in the Droid Depot!


Along with shopping, there are surprisingly lots of interesting places to eat and get refreshments, and all have completely unique things to eat. Various flavors, some a little weird, make even the food feel real to the Star Wars universe, and not our own.


And of course, THE Millennium Falcon. It’s there. It’s big. It’s amazing to see in person. We took probably 20 photos each in front of it. Not only is it amazing to see, but the ride in which you can actually fly the Falcon is truly riveting!


Experiencing this land land was truly like walking through a galaxy far, far away. 

The cast members passion for story-telling was enjoyable, the food was uncommon in the best way, the shopping enticing, and the attention to every detail was inspiring!