The Newly Opened Pixar Pier

A summer day at California Adventure is typically spent racing in Radiator Springs, singing along with newsboys on Buena Vista Street, or eating hand-dipper corn dogs. But now, it’s all about Pixar Pier.

The newly-opened land themed to the various Pixar storylines and characters brings new restaurants, entertainment, shops, and new looks to the already existing rides. The re-imagined area honors what it was previously as Paradise Pier, blending turn-of-the-century coastal Californian style with all things Pixar.


Though my family enjoys Pixar, we’ve never felt a deep connection to it, as many do. So I don’t know if I’m the most qualified to write everything about all that Pixar Pier has to offer. But I will say that we all really enjoyed ourselves! We loved the new details, the colors, and the fun ties to various Pixar films and characters.


Incredicoaster, was the thing that won Pixar Pier over for us! We loved the ride, as it was before, California Screamin’. With it’s new look and added storyline, we weren’t surprised we still enjoyed it! Maybe even more than we did before.

Fun Fact: I used to be horrified of roller coasters in almost any form. The only semi-coaster I was able to handle was Space Mountain. California Screamin’ was the first “real” roller coaster I ever rode, back when I was 20! I know, I know… that’s so embarrassing.


All in all, the re-imagining of Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier was a wonderful decision on Disney’s part. And though my family and I may not be die-hard Pixar fans… we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!