Roommates Roman Holiday

Roommates Roman Holiday

Rome is a beautiful city of chaos. As the capital of Catholicism, and a center of an ancient empire, Rome is filled with history that goes back centuries.

Rome is magnificent and brutal at the same time. There are so many layers to this city, it’s hard to sum it all up into a few poorly written paragraphs!

To truly see Rome for all that it is, you have to patiently go through all its layers, to find endless buildings, street cats, drying laundry, horrific traffic, and millions of people that are forever captivating.


On Sunday morning, my roommates and I decided to start sifting through Rome by seeing the one and only Pantheon.

We arrived right after Mass began. There was a line outside the front of the building, waiting to go in after the religious service ended. We approached the font of the line, and seeing security guards there, asked if we could enter to participate in Mass. They gladly allowed us in. We walked smoothly and quietly to the pews that were set up towards the front of the room.

As none of us speak Latin or Italian, the three of us were able to focus on taking all that was around us in. Though we sat quietly, we were each in awe of the building we were in the middle of. Though it was freezing inside (much colder than outside), this was an experience I’ll never regret, nor forget. It was so grounding to be able to sit in that vast, ancient building, hearing Latin verse sung and spoken.


A little before sunset, we meandered through the streets of Rome over to the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi).

This place is always packed. We went during off-season, but still, the crowds came. And who can blame them? It has a history that predates the 1600s, and is the most well-known fountain in the world. 

Of course, we had to participate in the legend of throwing a coin into the fountain. And according to legend, there are three key reasons for tossing coins into the Trevi. The most well-known reason is based on local lore that states doing so will bring you back to Rome again, someday. But the next two reasons are lesser-known: to find love while in Rome, and to happily marry there.

I’m a romantic, through and through, so I happily participated in throwing several coins in!


Seeing the Colosseum (Colosseo) is just one of those things that is a must-do when visiting the Eternal City.

We bought our tickets beforehand, in order to skip the line. And boy, that line can get LONG, no matter what time of year it it. Instead of doing a tour in person, we went with a guided tour through the ever trusting Rick Steves’ Europe App. I felt like it was easy to use and follow along with. It was plenty enough information for me to help me see and understand the Colosseum in every detail.


Rome, oh Rome. I truly do love you and your beautiful ancient buildings, oodles of history, mouth-watering gelato, and always fashionable people. Can’t wait to visit again!