Disneyland in Summer

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” –Walt Disney

My family hasn’t been all together, at the same time, to Disneyland for about 10 years. We’ve gone in little groups of us–Andrew and I, Dad and Adam, etc.–so we were all excited when we could take a chance this summer to visit Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure for a 2 day stay.

Of course, we knew Rachael wouldn’t be with us in person, but could very well join in spirit. Disney created the kind of environment and reminded us of memories of her that made it feel like she was close by the entire trip.


We enjoyed Disney’s California Adventure for our first day. We enjoyed seeing the new Pixar Pier, but also appreciating rides, places, and food that we’ve experienced before.

Cars Land is a particular favorite of all of ours, because we love the Cars movies, but we also love the incredible attention to detail that can be found up and down the street.


Our second day had to be spent at Disneyland. I mean, who doesn’t want to end their Disney trip with fireworks or Fantasmic!?

For this trip, we decided to give the whole matching shirts thing a try. I was a little nervous when my mom suggested the idea to me before our trip. But after some searching, I found these ones and was happy that they were simple, classy, and not too cheesy.

Once there, I actually loved matching with my family! They make for great pictures, make packing and picking out outfits easy, and it’s just a fun way to celebrate a special occasion. Even if that special occasion is that you guys are all at Disneyland together!


We all enjoy riding most of the rides, seeing the well-done shows, sing-along with the parades, and just meandering around the beautiful little lands.

All of us especially love Fanstayland… we always have. There is something extra special about it, be it the quaint little buildings, the classic rides, or even the magic that is apparent there.


This last photo may by out of focus (I need to remember to change my lens to one that’s easier to use than a 50mm when asking a stranger to take our photo) but I still love it so much as it showcases us giving matching family t-shirts a try!

Oh, how I love my Disney-adoring family!