Into the World of Pandora

This is a world where you can hike amid floating mountains, journey into a bioluminescent rainforest, and fly on the back of a banshee.

Pandora is the World of Avatar, a fantastical land that proves there is magic in make-believe nature.


Pandora is found within the Walt Disney World Resort inside of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. It opened May 27, 2017.

This was my first time visiting this fantastical place, and truly I was blown away. Disney Imagineers continually amaze me in what they can create in a space to make it feet not only realistic, but also magical. Because they did such an incredible job creating this place, it almost felt familiar to me.


There are many details that help you be enveloped in the Na'vi culture both day and night.

The daytime allows you to see all the details and see the massive mountains floating above your head. At night, there are areas that react to your touch, your steps, and your movements. You can hear foreign animals moving around the forest.


There are two main attractions (rides) here that I loved experiencing during my first visit.

The Na’vi River Journey is is a typical, yet beautiful dark ride. You enter by boat into a nighttime Pandora, with every plant, animal, just glowing in bioluminescence. It also has the most realistic animatronic that Disney has produced to date.

The second of the two is the greatest right of all time, at least to date. It's called Avatar Flight of Passage. There is nothing quite like this anywhere. Through new technology, this ride has you ride a banshee through parts of Pandora. The experience feels realistic, is extremely thrilling, and honestly, it’s just beautiful sight to see. At moments, I couldn’t help but scream with pure joy during the ride, and many other around me did as well. As I left the ride, my heart was pounding!

We rode this ride twice in a day. I would happily wait 2+ hours for this ride, which is really saying something, as I usually refuse to wait over 30 min for most rides.


I can’t wait to go back to this beautiful, fantastical place. If you have a Disney World trip coming up, this place needs to be at the top of your list!