Miss White on a Whim
Miss White on a Whim


I’m Erica—an Arizona-moved-Colorado girl, raised on classical music, goofy humor, and a splash of Lake Powell boat rides. When I’m not daydreaming of my next picture perfect vacation, in which I can feel like a princess, you can probably find me:

  1. Being comfy at home. I probably consider myself a proud homebody, as I love decorating my space, organizing just about any closet, or snuggling up with 28473 pillows and reading a novel. Home really is where my heart is.

  2. Watching a Jane Austen film for the hundredth time. Honestly, I’m super into time period stuff. The music, architecture, mannerisms, fashion (seriously, give me ALL the dresses). Old soul at heart over here!

  3. Obsessing over all things Celtic and Nordic. My ancestors hail from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, and other countries in Northwestern Europe. When taking my first trip to Scotland back in April 2017, I felt like I had gone home to my people. You better believe the other countries are on my bucket list.

  4. Dressing up like a Disney princess. No I’m kidding. But I am a big Disney fan! I grew up loving all the classic movies and their music. But my love only grew when I interned as a PhotoPass Photographer at Walt Disney World. I’m now blogging with some of my best friends that I met during my internship over at Sisters & Disney.

  5. Running down Main Street USA. Complete with my camera in hand. Currently, I live in Orlando, FL. So a quick trip to the most Magical Place on Earth is a common occurrence.

  6. Probably quoting a movie or show. Complete with accents or impersonations.

  7. Art directing or designing for my day job. Deep down I’ve always been an art director, but I discovered it was one of my life callings last summer on a work photoshoot. I love seeing the bigger picture and making a story come to life.

  8. Fangirling over... something. I am quite possibly the biggest fangirl in town…

  9. Daydreaming of becoming a ballerina. I danced ballet all throughout my growing up years, and it’s a huge part of my heart still. It’s one of the core reasons I have a deep appreciation for art.

  10. Listening to classical or film soundtrack music. I currently have the all the How To Train Your Dragon and Game of Thrones soundtracks on repeat while I work. 

Most of all, traveling fuels my creativity. I have a passion for new places, new experiences, and the adventure of travel.

I started this photo blog in February 2019, as a way to share my photos with my friends, family, and anyone else who would like to follow along.

Okay my new friends, “adventure is waiting.” See you out there!